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Greater Mount Sinai Baptist Church
"Worshipping God In Spirit and in Truth"
27954 Hwy 23; P.O. Box 748
Port Sulphur, Louisiana 70083
Rev. Allen Johnson, Senior Pastor

Christian Ministers' Missionary
Baptist Association
Reverend Michael Wade Jiles, Sr., President

Ministers' Wives Department
Sis. Patsy R. Brooks, President
Christmas Fellowship

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hosted at the Home of
Rev. & Mrs. Allen Johnson

Christmas Fellowship
Christmas FellowshipChristmas Fellowship
Franketia Mackey & Devora RileyChristmas Fellowship
Host, Pastor & Mrs. Allen JohnsonChristmas Fellowship
Pastor & Mrs. Michael Wade Jiles, Sr.
Christmas Fellowship
Rev. & Mrs. Leander TaylorChristmas Fellowship 
Rev. & Mrs. Morris EncaladeChristmas Fellowship
Pastor & Mrs. Rommel E. GriffinChristmas Fellowship
Pastor & Mrs. Joseph BrooksChristmas Fellowship
Pastor & Mrs. Theodore Turner, Jr.Christmas Fellowship
Minister & Mrs. Gerald JosephChristmas Fellowship
Rev. & Mrs. Eddie N. ThomasChristmas Fellowship
Minister & Mrs. James TravisChristmas Fellowship
Pastor & Mrs. August Picquet, Jr.Christmas Fellowship
Pastor & Mrs. Raymond A. SmithChristmas Fellowship
Pastor & Mrs. Ronald L. SingletonChristmas Fellowship
Pastor & Mrs. Kenneth M. Parker, Sr.Christmas Fellowship
Rev. & Mrs. Tyrone EdwardsChristmas Fellowship
Rev. & Mrs. Curtis CarrolChristmas Fellowship
Pastor & Mrs. BurlChristmas Fellowship
Sis. Velma DavisChristmas Fellowship
Sis. Patsy R. Brooks
Ministers' Wives Department, PresidentChristmas Fellowship
Sis. Theresa ThomasChristmas Fellowship
Greetings by Sis. Patsy R. BrooksChristmas Fellowship
Remarks by President Michael Wade Jiles, Sr.Christmas FellowshipChristmas FellowshipChristmas Fellowship
Shelly Jiles-JohnsonChristmas Fellowship
Pastor Allen JohnsonChristmas Fellowship
Shelly Jiles-Johnson & President Michael Wade Jiles, Sr.Christmas FellowshipChristmas FellowshipChristmas FellowshipChristmas FellowshipChristmas FellowshipChristmas Fellowship
"Karaoke Time "
President Michael Wade Jiles, Sr.
Christmas Fellowship
"Karaoke Time"
Pastor Rommel GriffinChristmas Fellowship
"Karaoke Time"
Pastor Theodore TurnerChristmas Fellowship
Pastor Theodore TurnerChristmas Fellowship
"Karaoke Time"
Rev. Tyrone EdwardsChristmas Fellowship
"Karaoke Time"
Pastor Raymond SmithChristmas Fellowship
"Karaoke Time"
Pastor Joseph BrooksChristmas Fellowship
Pastor Burl

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