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Thank you for visiting our web pages.  It is our hope that your visit will let you know about us here at Mount Sinai, but most of all it is our hope that it will help us share the Love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, with you.

At Greater Mount Sinai, "Families comes First".  We want to minister to the family as a whole.  Whether you are a  small child, a senior adult or somewhere in between, we want to minister to you.

We will attempt to keep the website up to date.  Please help us by letting us know of activities that should be placed on our website.  If you need prayer or have some  ideas for this site, email to greatermtsinaibc@yahoo.com.

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Thank you for visiting our web page.
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Contact Information

Greater Mount. Sinai Baptist Church
27954 Hwy 23
P.O. Box 748
Port Sulphur, LA 70083
Email: greatermtsinaibc@yahoo.com
Website: www.GreaterMountSinaiBC.org

Rev. Allen Johnson Pastor/Teacher

Sunday Church School         8:00 AM
Sunday Morning Worship    9:00 AM
Lord's Supper  1st Sunday   9:00 AM
Prayer Service - 5:45 PM
Bible Study - 6:00 PM
Choir Rehearsal - 7:00 PM
27954 Hwy 23      P.O. Box 748      Port Sulphur, LA 70083
    Greater Mount Sinai Baptist Church                   Great People serving a Great God!
                                       of Port Sulphur                                          
Reverend Allen Johnson, Senior Pastor

Upcoming Events

New Year's Eve Worship

December 31, 2018
10:30 PM

"God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship hin in spirit and in truth"   St. John 4:24
All scriptures
is given by
inspiration of God,
and is profitable
for doctrine, for
reproof, for
correction, for 
instruction in 
That the man of
God may be perfect,
furnished unto all
good works.
2 Timothy 3:16-17